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CSCS Health and Safety Test

In most cases, to apply for a CSCS card, you must have passed the Construction Skills Health and Safety test within the past two years. Exemptions to this requirement are listed below.

The aim of the test is to examine knowledge across a wide range of health and safety topics in order to improve safety and productivity on site. It is usually taken as a PC-based touch screen test at either a mobile testing unit or an accredited test centre.

The type of card being applied for will determine the level of test that needs to be taken. Further information on this can be found in the information below.

The books contain all the multiple-choice questions and answers for the Construction Skills Health & Safety Tests. Prepare for any of the 14 tests including Operatives-Core Test as well as supervisor, manager, specialist and HVACR tests. This book also contains important information about the test and what to expect at the test centre. Training materials can be bought on line, eg book stores, ebay, amazon, or from most high street and online booksellers or you can order them by calling 0344 994 4488.

To book a Construction Skills Health and Safety Test please contact us with your full details, Name- NI Number- Date of Birth- CPCS Number (if you have one)

A range of books and DVDs are available to help revise for the test. They are available from most high street and online booksellers or you can order them by calling 0344 994 4488 -

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